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Gradually, the number of CIOs turning to RPA to automate their mundane tasks is increasing. It’s helping them to automate their rule-based tasks enabling their staff to have more freedom to focus their energies on higher value operations.
Others look at RPA as a technology which can eventually lead to enablement of other intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which can lead to development of smarter judgements and operations of the overall operation.
So this here is a quick guide for CIOs out there to understand this 4th Industrial Revolution vividly.

What is RPA?Benefits of RPA
The primary output of RPA adoption is the swiftness of time within which projects and operations can be completed and delivered without any increase in the human capital. These Bots produce error-free results, can be integrated without any hassle of modification of IT infrastructure, highly scalable and flexible in nature and keeping in mind the evident ROI, they tend to prove economical after cost amortization.
Apart from that, since it acts as a stepping stone for embracing AI and ML, it proves as a starting point of the overall automation journey.

RPA Pitfalls
Like other technologies, RPA will fail if there is an absence of proper strategy with which processes in the organization should be aligned for automation. To not burn hands, there’s a need for a Center of Excellence which maps all the processes and lines them up on the basis of priority and chain reaction effect that will lead to a better ROI.
If there’s no presence of experience within the organization to consult towards this strategizing phase, look for aggregators in the market who specializes in this regards as they can understand your As-Is process, run it through various simulations, derive the gaps and the scope for automation to fill them and accordingly suggest a Target Operating Model.

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