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Robotic Process Automation is a new technology outbreak in the current TECHNO space. Automating rule based, repetitive manual processes, reducing human intervention from the most mundane tasks and restructuring workflows have been key outputs delivered by RPA.

Robotic process automation has transformed the way enterprises have been operating.

Whilst, there are enterprises who are ready with a Infra Set Up, License procured, estimate ROI analysis to be achieved, without implementing RPA seamlessly above cannot be achieved in a Year.

Yes! Doesn’t sound right but below are some challenges which one should be acquainted about:

Change Management

To embrace RPA or have a successful implementation, we need a change management approach to be followed, briefed and communicated across the lifecycle of the domains in the enterprisesIf the employees don’t know the benefits of RPA, its implementation success and the technology itself; it’s going to always be a dark area where none of them would like to venture. This will eventually lead to fragmented success of RPA in some domains of the enterprises.

Unclear Process existing in enterprises

This is a major PIT FALL, processes are often selected for automation where the process SME or owner feels that the process or the task is not adding value to his or her operation and it’s better to get it automatedOften such processes are not well defined and when picked for automation is a Whirlpool experience as you don’t have AS IS measurements to compare benefits that are likely to be delivered

Requirement Gathering + Data collection

Analysis of Process identified often is not 100 % successful. Dependency on SME inputs and understanding of process documents [ which often are not updated] are key failure points. Exceptions are not shared as they are assumed by the SME as should be known to BOT. Smiles, we mimic the BOT steps to deploy RPA which is primary step to avail AI.

Cross functional Support

Fresh experience being, Top management identifies a business process to be automated. The circle of uncertainty now starts revolving from IT sign offs for system access, Audit approvals for documents to be shared and finally Process Owner asking for Business head or excellence teams’ approval to share details.


Let’s keep one thing in mind, RPA development doesn’t mean you have to achieve 100% automation of process. Often the value-added steps are required to be embraced in RPA and avoid non-value-added steps. Look for Business process automation prior to deploying Robotic process automation. Lean Development has to be the foundation of RPA development to ensure business and technical exceptions are captured on time.

Operation of BOTs

Once Bots are developed, the responsibility of running BOTs in the enterprise version need to be defined. Often the project management team or the excellence team doesn’t own running the BOTs and expect the Operations team to run the BOTs. This leads to friction and responsibility issues between the Operations and the Project management team. Solution is available, built a Center of Excellence Team to avoid issues in Deployment, Maintenance and Post Deployment changes.

Information Technology

Well, this is now an issue across the deck.Common issues are around the debate of where would the RPA team be operational, in Operations or IT domain The technology team needs to be highly available and aligned to the goal of Business Process automation. Often the existing IT SLA’s are levied upon the RPA operations which tend to impact Critical Process Automations. IT Infra inclusive database, app platform and Infra [ cloud or on premise] if not updated or in sync would lead to failures in BOT runs.Access level issues are often not reviewed or provisions are signed off due to low security reviews performed and non-willingness to accept the automation technology

RPA will work as it has been designed and made available globally. Management team needs to ensure every employee is well informed and educated on the RPA capabilities and skills.


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