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What is RPA

  • Robotic Process Automation often called as RPA, is a technology which is widely being applied to automate recurring and rule-based processes across the lifecycle by majority of the business
  • RPA Software mimics or emulates the tasks performed by humans on the application or the systems available in the business environment
  • It has the ability to interact with a wide range of Infra structure technology and applications [ example: VM’s, Cloud, .NET, PHP, JAVA SCRIPTS ...etc.].

This ability has made the technology a silver bullet to improve efficiencies across varied industries across the globe.

Intelligent Automation

Similar to robotization of production lines in the 90’s, Corporate Functions are now initiating there robotic revolution.

Intelligent Automation is the lever that will take these corporate functions to next level by Improving employee and customer satisfaction, Accelerating Productivity Gains and Enhancing Compliance.

Change in nature of work has led to change in method of automation. So far the chief enabler of automation has been IT but it also leads to increased costs, unnecessarily high cycle times, inconsistent quality and impaired agility.

Investments in other Enterprise Applications, BPMS & BPO also results in similar shortcomings.

Intelligent Automation presents a means to achieving these aims and there are two genres of tools in particular that business should be aware of: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Application Development

In today’s digital world, being able to find financial confidence requires a significant shift in the application of innovations in operations

The means of communication, both internally as well as externally, has changed drastically wherein every organization has to sail through multiple touch points to trying to minimize the complications in a business process.

A digital working environment prove to create agile abilities for a company to perform their business workflows. It provides them with clarity to calculate Time, Resources, Reach-Time and Performance thereby leading to a more fruitful relationship between them and their clients.

Major players of the future would be the ones who know how to combine the power of humans and digital as one unanimous entity.
At XLNC Technologies, we use our expertise to understand your needs and create customized digital applications based on a simplified process map.

Resource Augmentation

It’s believed that the secret of success of any organization lies in its investment. However, in this fast-moving world most times than often this belief can burden an organization with overstaffing.

We understand this trend and provide Managed Staff Augmentation Solution.
This creates a platform of flexibility for all your IT staffing requirement and at the same time provides you with the best technical expertise without affecting your long-term investment and also takes away the worry to overhaul the resources at hand.

Staff Augmentation follows two models – Hybrid and Onsite

Hybrid Staff Augmentation

This model provides complete flexibility to your human resources requirement.
Hybrid Staff Augmentation provides you with flexibility to outsource your initial critical phase of the project and once that is completed, the project can be handed over to the staff provided onsite to carry on the tasks and activities ahead.
This model is Hybrid enough to have different embarking for different journeys.

Onsite Staff Augmentation

This model is straight and simple.
It provides need-based resources on request who come with expert technical know how and enough experience to undertake your project seamlessly and rid you of any worries that are not related to your primary line of business.

Robotic Outsourcing

The overall procedure of automation can demand certain investments and management capabilities which may come across as completely alien, if they have to be managed in-house.
There can be investments towards licensing the software used for automation alongside management of resources and hardware which are deployed for this task.
Without proper understanding, organisations can be very apprehensive to go this path and we understand this, hence we have come up with the solution of Robotic Outsourcing.
We bear the whole cost of raising this infrastructure so that you can focus on your primary goals.

This model of Robotic Outsourcing include the following benefits:
1. Bot Running Management
2. Hourly / Weekly Report
3. Change Management
4. Team Management
5. Real time KPIs in a dashboard format
6. Close to 100% accuracy
7. Monthly / Annually outsourcing model


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