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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has been scaling up to BFSI, Manufacturing, Telecom domains namely and continues to spread in small enterprises faster as compared to large enterprises.
With the inception of RPA, it eating into human jobs and being an up-and-coming substitute to manual intervention is being debated across the globe.
My views on this puzzle; if we look at RPA as an impression to build a strong relationship between people and technology would eradicate the conundrum.
RPA deployment has now evolved as a KEY KPI to be delivered by enterprises to aid the optimal utilization of resources.
RPA implementation focuses more on automating repeat and standardized tasks so that enterprises can focus more on the core business objectives. Hence the need arose, to automate high volume tasks and activities that were repetitive in nature and delivered higher Return on investment and cost benefits.
RPA consultants and evangelists have been proposing to look at RPA as a strategic shift, and not a direct risk to the human workforce. Rationale being , an effective automation would only be available to the enterprise when the Subject Matter Experts share the relevant inputs and exceptions to mimic the process during the entire RPA lifecycle
Human intervention hence is supreme to have an EFFICIENT RPA DEPLOYMENT. The intelligence of human workforce cannot be ignored in the entire journey however would be massively harnessed to strengthen RPA introduction and deployment.
RPA is and will be an ally, when looked to improve process excellence, introduce LEAN PROCESS Management.
RPA as a PATRON would let our valuable HUMAN RESOURCE manage emotional tasks rather than mundane tasks which eventually would bring in more positive customer strategic outcomes.

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