RPA Foundation Certification

No prior RPA knowledge? The RPA Foundation Certification course is open for all, regardless of your educational/professional background! The RPA foundation certification course is a preliminary course on Robotic Process Automation. This course seeks to set up a strong foundation of RPA, and helps to clarify basic RPA concepts. By the end of the course, even total beginners in the field of RPA will have a fairly detailed understanding of the field of RPA; and will be able to create and apply process bots to organizational settings with ease. Moreover, successful completion of the course ensures the learner's eligibility for the Automation Anywhere certified advanced RPA training course.

₹ 34,999/-

Exclusive of all taxes

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Starts from:
1st Feb - 3rd Feb 2019

Time: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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Starts from:
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Key Features

3 Days course

Over 20 modules

40 hours instructor-led training

Easy finance options

Preparing for advanced level certification

Post-course support

Trainers possessing expertise

Post course content access

Free Additional Six Sigma Courses

World-class curriculum

Opportunity to work with XLNC

Certifying bodies

XLNC (1)


Basic understanding of RPA

Overview of different RPA tools

In-depth comprehension of Automation Anywhere tools

Practical industrial application of these bots

Your ticket to advanced RPA certification

Creating bots of simple to medium level complexity in AA

Course Curriculum

Day 17 Hours

1. What is RPA? Explanation & Examples
3 Hours
2. Application of Automation
3. Automation in different Industries
4. Areas of Implementation
5. What are the tools available?
6. Skills Required for Development
7. Tests and Assessment
8. Q&A
15 Mins
9. Break
30 Mins
10. Automation Anywhere Introduction
3 Hours
11. Deep Dive into Each Automation Anywhere Tool
12. Roles and Responsibility
13. Versions Overview
14. Tests & Assessment
15. Q&A
15 Mins

Day 27 Hours

1. Deep Dive into Each tool of Bot Creator
3 Hours
2. Tests and Assessment
3. Q&A
15 Mins
4. Break
30 Mins
5. Variables
3 Hours
6. Types Of Recorders
7. Record to Create Bot
8. Basic Bot Creation
9. Lifecycle a Bot
10. Tests and Assessment
11. Q&A
30 Mins

Day 37 Hours 15 Mins

1. Intro to Automation Anywhere Window

Task Directory Structure

3 Hours
2. Excel Automation
3. Object Cloning
4. Email Automation
5. PDF Integration
6. Q&A
15 Mins
7. Break
30 Mins
8. Run Task
2 Hours
9. OCR Function
10. Screen Capture
11. Error Handling
12. Q&A
30 Mins
13. Final test
1 Hour


Do I need any specific educational or professional background to be eligible for this course?

In order to enroll for the Automation Anywhere certified Advanced RPA courses, the learner should have successfully completed the preparatory course for the same, i.e., the RPA Foundation training course. Strong basic knowledge on RPA and implementation of its various tools is a must in order to pursue this course.

Is this a direct classroom training, or a virtual one?

At the moment, we offer virtual classroom training, led by an instructor who delivers the course live, to be accessed online by users from across the globe. Direct classroom training and e-learning facilities will be made available in the near future.

What is the duration of the course?

This course will be conducted over a period of 3 days. Since the course will be conducted through a virtual classroom, the duration is not flexible, and will be held only on the days finalized prior.

What language will be the mode of instruction in the training?

The training will be conducted in English, using an easy-to-understand, learner-friendly diction.

Will I receive any internship or job opportunities post training?

Yes, after the completion of the Advanced RPA training course, the learner will be provided with an internship in order to further hone his/her skills in the field of RPA. He/she will also gain lucrative opportunities to work with XLNC.

Will I get access to course content and material after course completion?

The online content is being worked upon, and will be soon made available for your access.

Will I be certified by Automation Anywhere for the RPA Foundation course?

Yes. After completion of the RPA advanced certification course, the learner will receive certification from two entities – Automation Anywhere and XLNC Academy (which is accredited by Automation Anywhere).

How will RPA prove beneficial to me from an organizational perspective?

Robotic Process Automation is the new buzzword in town. A number of high-end companies are looking to adopt software bots to perform repetitive manual tasks that prevent vertical mobility. It is estimated that by 2030, 75-375 million people will reskill themselves to be employed in the RPA sector.
Thus, possessing expertise in the field ofautomation can open up a whole new world of opportunities for the learners with respect to climbing the organizational ladder and reaching that promotion target in much lesser time. A certificate each from Automation Anywhere, as well as XLNC Technologies, which is accredited by Automation Anywhere, is the icing to the cake.

Do we have an easy finance option?

Yes, we have a part payment option, in accordance with which you can pay 50% of the fees in advance as the token amount, and make the remaining payment after the commencement of the course.


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