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Transformation, disruption, operations or automation.
The terminology doesn’t matter here in the world of automation technology since the goal is universal: to utilize the potential of digital to upraise the consumer experience and enhance business outcomes start to end. What it all boils down to is the potential of an organization to analyze the technology available at their perusal and give birth to a cognitive digital way of business.
Software robots, commonly known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), have been garnering a lot of traction and they have been embraced by C-Suit staff who look at them as a tool to reduce costs, enhance productivity and achieve competitiveness.

Foundation of AI
RPA, along with transforming the ways of operations by automating repetitive tasks, also lays groundwork for a new generation of robots which and can be termed as a separate genre of Artificial Intelligence. Gartner says that industry shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with Artificial Intelligence technologies as it is estimated to be one of the top five priorities of investment by CIOs by 2020.
Currently, the confusion is about determining the right use case, right start and the right technology, however, the right thought process is to figure out the complementary technologies that can be initiated in a progressive manner. This clarity will only arise if organizations first define their problems in a tangible manner. Then begin with the simple steps first and adding complimentary technologies gradually.

Understanding RPA and AI
Considering the deep levels of flexibility, RPA and AI are often confused and misunderstood with various terminologies like neural networks, adaptive alteration, predictive analytics, etc. however these terminologies are individual entities in themselves with unique capabilities.
Understanding of the actual implications of RPA and AI can be derived from determining the exact pain points and analyzing the right use cases relevant to the specific requirement. This will highlight the exact capabilities of the technologies and build a Center of Excellence within the organization that can provide flexibility and control for your next phase of planning automation.

Digital Transformation
With the awareness in right place, organizations now approach the potential of RPA with vividness and clubbing this capability of handling monotonous tasks with cognitive behavior will allow the technology to perform highly sensitive operations and give the staff much needed space to focus on other high value work.
Gradually as automation and its understanding scales up, organizations will start to reap early wins while properly aligning the output to future implementation of technologies. This beginning will set you on the right course which is defined by you while going through the whole journey with the first hand experience. Eventually you will differentiate between substantiality of utility and hype that is spread across in the market.
Understanding and solving your problems on a more holistic level will make you the trailblazers of the industry and provide you with right value of Robotic Process Automation with real world applications.

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