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Recently an image has been established in the market that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is only reserved for highly sophisticated and big size organization due to the cost and complicated implications of the software and technology.
However, there’s hardly any substantiality to this belief.
RPA as a technology is designed to help in transformation of any department in every organization without the worry of size.

Retail Lumber Yard
Let’s start with an example of a Retail Lumber Yards company. Now at first glance, this is not exactly the kind of organization that would fit the bill, right? But they have adopted RPA which has resulted in significant results.
Before RPA, this lumber company followed an archaic method of scanning documents like receipts, work orders, invoices, etc. and save them in a centrally located folder. Post this, the accounts team would fetch the data from the local server and would begin the cumbersome task of manually feeding the data in the system. This was proving to be slow, full of errors and non-economical. Eight employees would invest their entire shift performing this task as the company had no idea of any other way this repetitive function could be completed.
Now RPA overtakes the entire function post the scanning of documents which has resulted in decrease of human labour time from 2 hours to 5 minutes and increase in accuracy to about 99% compared to 85% in the past.

Non-Profit Organisation
The other example is of a nonprofit organization. A charity with an operational background of almost seven years realized that a technologically defined infrastructure will lead to a more efficient process delivery thereby leading to more happy faces.
So as a part of the process they created an application where people can request for food in a dignified manner without the need of going through the stigma of visiting the outlet or even having a telephonic conversation. The requests were intelligently analysed by the technology in the application and would approve or reject the requests instantly basis certain parameters fed in the interface.
Rejected applications were escalated to a team of agents who would review it further but this was proving to be costly for the organization. So they turned to RPA.
Now the pending applications are reviewed in a much faster manner and due to the savings in time and money, this organization is enabled to feed 200,000 people more compared to earlier.
So these are a few example of how RPA is bringing in change across all organization whether big or small and it’s the job of IT to understand their respective processes in detail so that they can leverage this technology for the benefit of the organization.

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