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At the beginning of Industrial Revolution, humans performed all the tasks and performed all the hard work without much advancements and very limited means. With the rise of computers, substantial amount of work was possible to be completed in shorter amount of time, however, there was still the need for human intervention to work on these computers. Now, as world changes and technology evolves, the future removes the need for humans to be present for operations to be completed. Everything gets automated.
RPA is a technology where software bots can mimic the exact tasks performed by human beings in a repetitive manner.
Now this implication can have serious impact on the BPO industry.
India is one country where skilled labor is available in plenty and is also an economical resource for the international giants who outsource their voice and knowledge-based operations to this country. This industry boasts of being one the biggest employers in India. However, majority processes in this industry is highly repetitive in nature. That’s where the big impact is expected.
There’s been apprehension in handing over tasks to automation as it doesn’t feel accurate and many a place there’s no understanding of the feasibility of this hand over. However, time and again, RPA has proved to be impeccable in deliveries of repetitive tasks. It does need an initial phase of development and training of the system where human intervention is required. Once completed it’s an autonomous body which delivers projects within half the time of a human being.
Right from extracting and arranging information from documents, collating them and generating data and reports are one of the many tasks that can be handled by RPA. This gives the much sought after scope to employees to learn and perform more meaningful tasks rather than the unavoidable mundane duties.
Hence RPA improvises your processes and also overhaul the workforce to become more capable for more important roles.
These benefits will definitely lead to a radical shift in the nature of operations for BPO industry.

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