Virtual Number: Expand Your Business Presence with Virtual Phone Numbers

Buy a local phone number for your business and get connected to the customers residing in different corners. A virtual phone number allows you to keep your personal and professional identity different. Pick the number of your choice which best represents your brand and forwards all your calls to your personal number.

Virtual numbers have no physical phone line connected. Make virtual number the single point of contact for your business and save the cost of employing additional agents and infrastructure to handle a large volume of calls.

Integrate your virtual phone number with IVR and provide a professional experience. Use smart call routing strategies to redirect your callers to expert agents of different departments. Delivering such quality customer experience builds your brand image without a hefty investment.

Key Features

Call Management Solutions

Handle all call centre operations including call transfer, recording and analysis with our all-in-one call management suite.

IVR Integration

Integrate your telephony system with IVR and personalise your caller’s experience with self-help and virtual receptionist features.

Push Reports

Remain updated of the call centre’s quality by extracting push reports with up-to-date agents and call information.

Use Your Own Number

Use your personal phone number and forward incoming calls to multiple extensions at the same time.

Premium Numbers

Choose the best-suited phone number for your business from our premium collection of virtual numbers.

Free SMS Notification

Send SMS alerts and notifications to your agents in case of any missed or unanswered customer calls.


Manage Business from Personal Number

Use your existing phone number for all business communication. Simply forward all customer calls to your mobile number.

Eliminate Setup Cost

Don’t pay for expensive on-premise hardware setup. Virtual number lets you eliminate the setup hassle and cost by forwarding calls to different numbers.

More than Just a Number

Enjoy call recording, forwarding and other call management features by integrating your cloud-based virtual number with IVR.

Call Tracking Dashboard

Supervise your everyday customer interactions and process quality with call recording and call analysis dashboards.

Geographic Flexibility

Widen your local/national presence by using virtual numbers of different state codes. Get your brand recognised in every remote corner.

One Device, Two Numbers

Keep professional and personal identity separate. Route all your calls to your personal number without letting callers know.


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