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“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident,” said Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

While it is a great idea to apply RPA to business processes and ascend in your business, automation is certainly no cake-walk. Without proper planning, development and testing, an RPA framework is incomplete, and might face countless obstacles on its way to success. In our blog on RPA development framework, we told you about the various stages and phases that an RPA project has to pass through before it may be deployed to automate the process in question. However, is RPA framework independently sufficient to ensure efficient functioning of the bot?

We’re back with a blog; and today, let’s talk about a unique RPA feature, Centre of Excellence, that goes beyond the technicalities involved in Robotic Process Automation, and seeks to establish a healthy environment for the process robot, so that it can continue to thrive in the respective industry in which it has been deployed. Moreover, XLNC Technologies consists of its very own Centre of Excellence, which has been certified by Automation Anywhere!


One of the main concerns for a lot of automation software providers as well as their clients is the fear of failure of the RPA project due to faulty design, poor governance and so on (you can check out our blog for more dope on this). If the poor bot is surrounded by unsupportive infrastructure and untrained staff, no amount of perfection in the implementation process comes in handy when the bot is actually deployed into such a setting.

So, if there are failures, do we do nothing about them? There are certain methodologies that can help you to effectively counter these RPA failures. All of which are packaged in the Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence is a unique RPA feature that consists of various long-term strategies, which establish a strong infrastructure for the process robots to be deployed; as well as strive to mentally prepare different individuals and groups to easily welcome RPA into their organizational structure.


And now, let’s look at the various exciting features that our very own Centre of Excellence by XLNC Technologies encompasses. We are delighted to inform you that our esteemed Centre of Excellence has been certified by Automation Anywhere! With our COE, we strive to build a solid foundation on which to set up this unique world of automation. Come, let’s check the various features that XLNC’s Centre of Excellence possesses:

a. The train of RPA can run only if you ‘train’ the passengers…

“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives,” says Sylvia Mathews Burwell.
And that’s why our Centre of Excellence incorporates training as an integral part of the RPA process. Right from the planning to the delivery stage, trainers try and loop every relevant team member, from executives to the topmost management, and train them about the various aspects of RPA. These persons discuss the purpose of this RPA project, the logic behind a particular solution, how it should be developed, and the possible benefits that the organization as a whole, as well as specific individuals, will achieve once the solution is deployed. Such training helps employees to shed their inhibitions with regard to the ‘alien’ automation technology that is about to impact their organization in a major way, and instead contribute to facilitating a conducive automated environment.

b. Solution Groups as a Feasible Solution

Yes, we are always there for our clients, constantly supporting and guiding them through the topsy-turvy journey of automation. But, hang on. Is it always good to depend on an external source in order to introduce a change to the business setup? XLNC Technologies strongly believes that it’s always a good idea to have your internal support-systems in place, rather than investing on external services.

Having said that, it is but natural for individuals and departments within an organization to be unaware of and sceptical about this rather upcoming and new technology of automation and process robots.  In such a situation, isn’t it the most logical idea to get in touch with an automation software provider? XLNC’s COE understands your dilemma and provides you with the perfect solution – solution groups.

Following the detailed planning and the chalking out of an end-to-end process, we begin the actual development stage. Here, different team-members can buddy up with the automation software provider or consultancy and understand the technicalities and whys and hows of things. With this knowledge sharing taking place, it is possible to educate them about the limitless possibilities of RPA, not just for the organization, but also for themselves. This makes employees independent enough to carry out their own project without the help of a third party should they wish to go in for another RPA project sometime in the future.

It’s always a good idea to consider life from a long-term perspective: and our COE does just that!

c. Knowledge is supreme; storing knowledge is even more crucial!

We all agree that it is knowledge which comes in handy during times of confusion and doubt. However, if this knowledge is not effectively stored and utilized, it ceases to hold any value. Enter, our Knowledge Management System. KMS is your one-stop database for all the information and repertoire of previous activity that you may require for all your future RPA ventures.
KMS helps you keep a systematic record of any obstacle that may come our way during the end-to-end RPA development process. This becomes a repository of sorts, which an organization can refer to, should it be met with any impediments in future. And that’s why it becomes your point of reference if you need to be reminded, at any time, about your previous RPA journey!

d. Who said labs must have test-tubes and chemicals bubbling on a burner stand?

RPA can have a lab, too – and a very unique and exciting one at that. Our COE ensures that the RPA labs consist of important tools and displays related to automation. New customer? No worries. He/she can instantly get a hang of your services by looking at the various props and tools displayed in your lab. New trainees? Bring it on! Your lab can be a training-ground for your trainees to grasp quality information about automation.


So, there we are, with the various features of ‘Excellent’ Centre of Excellence. It is always important to ensure that any project is not only supported by a good process and plausible implementation techniques, but is also backed by a strong infrastructure for it to perform effectively. And with XLNC’s COE, one can certainly ensure a smooth and hassle-free deployment of your process bots.

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