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Very well known as Robotic Process Automation; mimics Human actions, a process driven force to perform defined business activities and hence adds value as “ Automation – Without Human Interference”.

As an overview, logging into applications, entering data, login-log out, calculating & completing tasks are brief actions performed by RPA technologies which we often call it as a software robot or BOT.


Why RPA?

A human can work average 8 hours a day whereas robots can work 365 days without any break.

The average productivity of human is 60% with errors as compared to Robot’s productivity which is 100% without any errors.

Bots handle multiple tasks as compared to a human

Recorder function available in the RPA tools enables rapid programming which in turn improves scalability and reliability of the processes.

ROI is a key benefit every organization is looking at but there are few more which we can look at as mentioned below

  • Costs are reduced significantly as the RPA takes care of repetitive task and saves precious time and resources.
  • For low hanging fruits / simple processes; programming skills are often not needed to configure a software robot. Thus, any non-technical staff can set up a BOT or even record their steps to automate the process.
  • Adherence to compliance process and error-free auditing is a key benefit.
  • Robotic software can rapidly model and deploy the automation process.
  • Effective, seamless Build & Release Management
  • Real time visibility into bug/defect discovery
  • There is no human intervention which eliminates the requirement of training.
  • Software robots help to increase the scalability of process.

Let’s not forgot, but there are concerns and resistance also faced during RPA implementation. My experience entails as below:

  • BOT is limited to the speed of an application
  • Minor amendments, if made in the automation application would also lead to the BOT reconfiguration.
  • Budgetary restrictions are key reasons why orgs opt out of RPA Implementation
  • Adopting a new technology requires change, but with the right tool, the impact of that change is less noticeable and disruptive than many realize.
  • Fear that BOT’s will replace human workers, when its main purpose is to actually support humans in the workplace is often overlooked

The relationship between technology and people has to change and this silver bullet is believed to enable the change we all are eagerly awaiting.


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