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“Humans are not machines – we are something more. We have feeling and experience…” – Dalai Lama

What are you up to right now?
“Reading, of course!” would be your obvious answer. But is that all you are doing at this moment? No, we’re not necessarily talking about the coffee you are probably sipping on the side. Even while reading, you are doing so much more than just scanning through heaps of information. You are actively processing every word being conveyed in this blog. Your mind is comprehending information at a breakneck speed and validating the information with previous experiences. You are questioning ambiguous pieces of information and, most importantly, responding to concrete thoughts with abstract feelings and emotions. Isn’t this little exercise proof enough that humans are more than just a pair of hands performing redundant tasks?

And it’s probably this human genius that also came up with a solution to this problem of inevitable monotony  – robots. While physical robots perform all your day-to-day mundane tasks for you in your tangible space, software bots are here to help you with the virtual ones! RPA is one of the most trending topics in the tech world today. This technology has been successfully automating rule-based business processes across various domains, including finance, pharmacysupply chain and so on. And at the backend of automation are software tools that developers swear by during their RPA projects.
We’re back with a blog; and today, it’s time to talk about one of the leading RPA software giants in the world, Automation Anywhere and the features of the 11th version of its AA software tool:


Automation Anywhere officially announced the release of its latest Version 11 software, or the Automation Anywhere Enterprise, in December 2017. This version is packed with a number of exclusive features including enhancement in scalability, cognitive automation and increased security.

i) With Workload Management (WLM), Service Level Agreement demands can be systematically prioritized with the help of in-built SLA calculators and the integration of BotFarm. This allows companies to purchase RPA tools based on usage rather than license. Such services allow for SLA demands to be met in a well-optimized and efficient manner.

ii) Besides WLM, V11 also offers Automation Lifecycle Management. This function enables end-to-end automation projects to systematically follow the sequence in which each stage should be completed; i.e. planning, development, UAT and testing and so on.

iii) The software is compatible to cloud provider platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. This allows developers to carry out highly challenging deployment needs efficiently.

iv) High Availability and Disaster Recovery are features you may also find in the earlier versions. But V11 surpasses mere surface-level recovery, to provide you with bot-level recovery at the grass-root level in case of an interruption.

v) Automation Anywhere’s Control Room is your centralized location that enables developers to handle the scheduling, analyzing and execution of process bots efficiently. With V11, the in-built Bot Insight ensures that predictive operational analytics can now be performed with ease.

Other security features in V11 include:

  • Credential security using locker management
  • CyberArk Solution software (that provides secure storage options for sensitive information)
  • Granular RBAC and other superior security standards. (These ensure that data is highly protected under any circumstance.)
  • Chatbot integration
  • Scheduler APIs
  • AISense which enables efficient image recognition for desktop environments including Citrix, Delphi, Flex etc.
  • Front office automation.


While Automation Anywhere V11 is loaded with useful features, there’s always room for upgrades and revisions. And so, the AA Version 11.3.1 goes one step ahead and ensures that the platform includes some more facilities and options. Here’s a sneak peek into the features of Automation Anywhere Version 11.3.1:

i) The Bot Insight Metadata is responsible for gathering data across different processes and applications. With Version 11.3.1, this is supported on the Standardized Query Language or SQL server which helps to create and store databases of business-related information. This ensures that important information is stored and retrieved with convenience.

ii) AA Version 11.3.1 also supports the configuration of data from multiple Active Directory domains or ‘forests’ to the Horizon Workspace, which is a central repository for corporate information. Worried about the primary catalogue server going down? Rest assured, as Version 11.3.1 also provides a fail-over in such cases!

iii) Version 11.3.1 is also well-integrated with Bot Store, thus making it extremely easy to download and deploy pre-existing software bots.


No matter how advanced one may become, there’s always room for improvement. And so, Automation Anywhere’s Version 11.3.2 seeks to incorporate further modifications and updates, thus providing an unimaginably superior automation experience:

i) Version 11.3.2 brings the world a little closer by adding Japanese, Korean and French languages! But hang on, as there’s more to this development than just a handful of additional languages.

ii) With 11.3.2, the focus of Automation Anywhere is more on attaining the seemingly paradoxical function of globalization and localization at the same time. While these two areas may ostensibly sound like binaries, they are indeed two sides of a coin. By achieving globalization, the AA platform seeks to reach out to users from across the globe. This makes it extremely convenient for individuals who are not native English speakers. At the same time, with localization, AA intends to cater to the language and culture specific to a particular region, rather than universally opting for English.

iii) What’s more, this concept of globalization and localization also extends itself to cover every significant area within the AA domain – including support, messages (even older ones), the A-People Community platform, AA University and product demos.

iv) The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) acts as a centralized technology for managing virtual desktops and deploying these to the concerned end-user as and when required. The VDI software is an important tool in a number of prominent industries including health and finance. With the integration of Citrix’s Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) with the AA tool, it is now possible to automate VDI more efficiently and ensure greater accuracy and speed.

v) Yes, Application Program Interface or API is not a new addition to AA. But Version 11.3.2 definitely provides new additions to the existing APIs! The API technology is extremely significant in integrating various programs and software components so that users can navigate in hassle-free manner between different applications. With new APIs being introduced in 11.3.2, your processes can be sped up and made super efficient, enabling a more organized and less chaotic workforce!

The Automation Anywhere platform has been providing automation services and solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. The Version 11 and its successive updated versions provide the above-mentioned features to ensure unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed in the global workforce.




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