RPA IN MARKETING: Here’s How Automation can Change the Face of the Marketing Field

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Tom Fishburne says: “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”
It is common knowledge that a superior-quality product or service alone does not suffice to ensure lead generation and sales. In order to ensure good business, it is extremely important that the target audience be earmarked and enlightened about the emergence of this new product or service in the market. However, with the unprecedented population growth taking place in the modern era, it is a challenge in itself to cater to the needs and demands of every individual. Moreover, the increase in demand has also led to a huge spurt in the number of avenues being offered in the market today. Such cut-throat competition makes it almost impossible for many brands and industries to survive in the market and make their marks in the lives of consumers. That’s where marketers step into the picture.
Today, one can confidently claim that no product or service stands the slightest chance in the global market without proper marketing and advertising. Moreover, the traditional forms of marketing, such as print advertisements, hoardings and television and radio promotion have to be strongly supported by digital marketing across the various digital platforms available today. Thus, it follows that as a marketer, one needs to think out of the box and let the creative juices flow in order to attract audiences towards the product or service. Besides, one also needs to consider the technical aspects afforded by analytics. With enough tasks on their plate already, the last thing a marketer would want is to also handle rule-based tasks that take up excessive time and effort and prevent growth. We’re #backwithablog, and today, it’s time to consider the indispensable role of RPA in marketing.

For the marketing industry, data analytics is an extremely integral aspect of evaluating the leads being generated by means of the marketing campaigns and strategies carried out to promote the product or service. However, monotonous data gathering tasks, as well as the processes involved in organizing the same – including gathering information from different sources and tabulating information in excel sheets – tend to bog down employees, and prevent them from considering some other rather interesting possibilities with regard to the data obtained. Freeing the marketer from these rule-based tasks would mean allocating sufficient time for other more productive processes, such as considering the audience engagement with the marketing campaigns on various platforms; short listing the best marketing strategy and/or coming up with new and unique ones; and carrying out predictions based on the audiences’ reception of the current strategies. That’s why RPA bots take over your monotonous data entry tasks, so you can achieve the bigger goals!

No, humans aren’t the only social media geeks. Now rest assured, as your RPA bot sends across bulk messages on different social media platforms! While coming up with new deals and offers can be exciting and productive, sending across the same message to multiple persons on social media can be just the opposite. And so, RPA bots can send across these bulk messages informing people about your new offerings, while you focus on turning it into a resounding success!

Marketing involves large amounts of information, and it might become difficult to monitor the accuracy and relevance of the information being entered. With RPA, the bot can now detect the various inaccurate or incomplete data and ensure that there is no erroneous information in the data systems. Moreover, RPA can also ensure that the data cleansing process is efficient and error-free.

It’s no secret that competitor analysis is extremely crucial in order for one to be updated with the latest trends and deals in marketing and advertising. However, keeping consistent track of competitors’ promotional events and strategies can be time-consuming and tedious. Enter, Robotic Process Automation. Your software bot can help you track your competitors’ moves by alerting the employee every time a new competing brand or company sets up its website or organizes a promotional event. It also helps to track any new marketing campaigns set up by the competitors.

Besides these different aspects to RPA in marketing, process bots can also contribute in various other marketing processes, including customer support, preparing reports, advertising spend management and so on. In today’s advancing organizational world, marketing is the key to establishing a successful business. And RPA is your ticket to achieving your next marketing goals!

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